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About ABA

ABA Arredamenti’s logo includes a compass. An ancient, precision tool, so simple and yet so complex, because it must be guided by a skilful hand.

Every line drawn in every design is backed up by ideas, visions, careful study, and the ability to bring dreams to life. “Anything that can be imagined can be created.” That motto has guided the Giaccherini family since 1954.

The story begins in 1954, and has endured for 3 generations.

The company was created by the ambitious Cavaliere Mario Giaccherini, who directed and specialized the work of his carpenter’s shop towards the furnishing of public spaces. Some years later, by the 1980s, the company moved into a new phase when Mario’s sons, Massimo and Roberto, joined the family business. Their job was to follow the markets outside the region, and then internationally.

This was a period of tremendous growth.

The ABA interior design studio grew immeasurably in just a few years, eventually having 55 employees, 7,000 square meters of factory space and 5 production departments, Carpentry, Steel, Painting, Technology and Refrigeration (including research and development), Glassworks, Administration, Secretarial and, last but not least, a Technical Studio of Interior Architecture and Design, thus establishing itself as one of the leading Italian companies in the field of custom-made furnishings for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other public spaces.

This was a period of tremendous growth.

“We don’t mass-produce, we don’t use modular or semi-finished products. That’s why we can furnish a bar or a winery but also a clothing store, a nightclub, or a tobacconist’s. Over the years we have focused our specialization on the food sector and, most of all, on custom-made technical furnishings.”

Style, attention to detail  and to functionality.

Style, attention to detail and to functionality.

Renovation of classic environments, design of modern spaces, and vintage and industrial environments are our company’s core business.

The locations that proudly bear the ABA signature stand out for the sensations they inspire, their elegance, uniqueness and hospitality, and the quality of the raw materials. Not even the smallest detail is left up to chance: each piece of the puzzle contributes to enhance the functionality and develop the potential of the space.

Style, attention to detail  and to functionality.

“The market has changed. Before, our customers were small business owners opening little cafes and bars. Today, some of those businesses have grown much bigger, and we have contributed in total synergy with them to the creation, development and adaptation of their concept to replicate.”