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Pietro Nicastro



One mug of beer 

and you're right on Löwengrube Street

Following an exciting trip to Bavaria, Pietro Nicastro and Monica Fantoni have recreated an authentic traditional Bavarian beer hall in Italy. From the first restaurant in Limite sull'Arno to the franchise developed with Aba. The objective is to open 100 stores by 2025.

Carved, dark wood furniture and white and blue checkerboard flags. Löwengrube welcomes its customers in perfect Oktoberfest style with a warm and festive atmosphere, intense aromas and flavours, and authentic smiles. A winning formula that, in a few years, has led to the opening of restaurants scattered throughout Italy.

"Tenacity is what has always distinguished me,” Pietro Nicastro points out. “My university was a boxing match and in the ring I understood what it meant to fight for something and achieve the goals I had set for myself.

The history of the Löwengrube beer houses began in 2005, when Pietro Nicastro and Monica Fantoni, on a trip to Munich, discovered a true Bavarian experience. They were struck with the desire to replicate it in Italy and open a family restaurant and beer hall that would offer the culinary tradition and atmosphere of Bavaria a short distance from Florence. "The name comes from the street where we stayed in Munich, the hotel was located on Löwengrube street. This, together with the fact that we were selling Löwenbräu beer in the beer houses I had already opened, determined the name of the place. Then, an important link and a fruitful business relationship with the famous Löwenbräu brewery developed over time which has allowed us to grow a lot.”

In the cosy restaurants, brought to life by a rich calendar of events, you can spend evenings with friends or family, enjoying some of the most famous original beers of Munich, accompanied by tasty specialties of the cuisine on the other side of the Alps. 

The staff is dressed in typical Bavarian outfits. “We created an in-house academy. Our employees are the frontline brand ambassadors and we believe that the training and continuous updating of our team are essential for the quality of our service. Everything contributes to create a unique experience for our customers.”

After a stop in the first beer hall, many entrepreneurs who were struck by the idea asked to replicate it in other parts of the peninsula. “So, in 2014, we started the franchise business. For this challenging but exciting step, Roberto's help was fundamental. The idea was conceived, studied and finally realized with four hands and two heads. Aba, with its experience, has guided us on this path.”“And now the larger goal,”Pietro confesses“is to reach one hundred outlets by 2025 and to also open new locales in Europe.” The working group is already analysing, at market level, some Eastern European countries, Spain and France. "To make us known, we will participate in the international fair in Paris with our "track" formula – the wagen, a typical Bavarian cart from which we serve street food such as sausages, pretzels, beer and other snacks.

"Tenacity is what has always distinguished me. My university was a boxing match and in the ring I understood what it meant to fight for something.”

Quality is an all-encompassing requisite of Löwengrube, from the products to the creation of the premises: "That is why we chose Aba for the decor.” All of the Löwengrube premises bear the signature of the Arezzo-based company, from the first one opened in Limite sull'Arno (Florence) to the famous wagens. "We were looking for a studio that could accompany us starting with the restaurant in Tuscany and we found the ideal partner. The main requirement was the timing for opening the restaurants and with Aba we have never had delivery problems, we are always aligned on everything. I respect Roberto very much and often I discuss with him and ask him for advice. I believe that we will always grow together in our future openings.

The spaces in Löwengrube restaurants are divided into three distinct areas: one for families (with a special children’s area with elements inspired by the Montessori method), an area for young people and, finally, an area for couples or people who prefer a more intimate atmosphere. "The environment is based on the different experiences that we want to offer our customers and that we have created together with Aba.


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